Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a Rose?

Here is a pic of a rose that I received from my friend W. Diane Van Zwol - as a gift with a blessing. 
Today I say a special thanks for all roses that are given out as gifts and as tokens of love that make us feel happy and for the gift of friendship that it brings.  

Lord God, I thank you for the beauty of roses, and for their varying colors and types that you have created.   I also thank you for all the gardens and spaces that they grow in, and reflect your beauty and love.  Thank you for the sweet fragrances of roses that are a blessing from you to us.  

Do you like roses?  I do.  Although they are not my all time favorite flower, I think they are very beautiful.  How about you? 

And when you offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the LORD, offer it of your own free will.  (Leviticus 22:29)


  1. Yes absolutely beautiful. God thought about everything, what we need, and what would make us happy and feel good. The fragrance, colors and smell of Roses gives us a happy and calming sensation.

  2. I have loved roses since day one when I smelled my first. I love them when I found out as a teenager that St. Theresa was a Saint of the Roses. I just love her picture. I collected them in all forms. Real, glass, plastic, leather, cards, crystal, even the perfume and oil. I love roses so much that I gave my first daughter the name of Rose for her middle name. Danielle Rose.
    The oil from the rose is so expensive per pound that even just a little- about 5 ml. is a few hundred dollars. That is if it is therapeutic-grade. Some of the oils that I have purchased in the past have had rose in them. These blends are amazing. Our God is amazing to have created such a wonderful scent. It is truly Heaven-sent. Thank you Lord.
    Love you sister.

  3. Simply beautiful Amanda! Lovely. Have a wonderful day.

  4. I've always love the fragrance of roses. Thank you for sharing this image and these words of gratitude.