Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why a new blog?

Home is where the heart is

Today I decided that I want to spend a few minutes each day thanking God for at least one thing in my life. Yep, one thing.  (Of course, we could thank God for more...)  But.... I want to make special mention of at least one thing.  (When I mean 'thing', I mean it could be people, places, things we do or have, etc.)

So...  here's my one-thing praise for the day. You with me?

Today I praise God for my home...  everyone and everything in it.  All that makes up my 'home'.  I can be at my best when I am at home.  There are so many things I am able to do, and so many kids (apart from my two) to make noise around and play, and remind me of how I probably was when I was a kid myself.  Ah! There's nothing like 'home sweet home'.

The above image is of the home I grew up in... 'Pearl Villa'. We lived there for about 20 years, and five generations were blessed because of this home.  My great-grandfather built this house and my kids had the blessing of being part of this place; part of where I grew up in.  We do not reside there anymore, but looking back, I am also thankful for all the times we were blessed with a beautiful home.

How about you?  Perhaps you'd like to share something about your home?  Or even share a link related to the message you want to convey?  Feel free ... and share what it is about your home that your are proud of and praise God for.

Delight yourself in the Lord... And He shall give you, your heart's desires. (Psalm 37:4)


  1. I have always been thankful for "home". Regardless of where it happened to be, it was always about having children around me, mine, the neighbors', assorted strays. The years of ferrying children everywhere was always worthwhile when we got home to sit around the dinner table to discuss the day. I am very thankful.

  2. Children are the ones that inspire me most, whatever the mood of the day, or how the day has been. You and I seem to share this same fact... with kids as a top priority. They so inspire us to forget about the seriousness of life at times so that we can get back to who we really are. Sometimes I wonder, where has that part of me gone? And then suddenly I see it in my kids. (Smiles). They are a real blessing and make up my home.

  3. They say "Home is where your heart is, where your mom is, where you hang your hat...." I do love my Earthly Home. We have lived here for 17 yrs. We are also in danger of losing it. It is a long story. Too long and too sad. I am 4 months behind in mortgage payments. I am recently divorced and my ex is 1 month late in child support payments. Anyway- I do love this home. It is where we have raised my two daughters. They are now teens. This is a wonderful, loving, Godly, comfortable home. I know that God is in charge and if it be His will we will remain here. I was considering moving but I decided recently that we will not until they ask us too. Till then I just keep plugging along and doing my best. I loved my Home when I was a little girl, I love this Home, and all the while- I am looking up and knowing that my Heavenly Home is waiting for me while I try my best to build up His Kingdom here on Earth. Peace be with everyone on this blog.

  4. Lori, thank you for sharing that part of 'home' which many can identify with. The ups and downs of being part of a home are the human struggles we face. I love that despite the struggles you face, you look to our Heavenly Home with love and hope. that is a beautiful reminder for us; that we are here for a short while and whatever the difficulties of life we go through at home, being part of home or building up our home, we have a much higher calling. I pray that God leads you to a fruitful and peaceful solution for your 'home'.

  5. I have spent almost 43 years looking for a home. My birthplace never felt like one.

    Eventually, after a lifetime of living in apartments, I managed to buy a house, only to lose it a few years later - this was before bailouts.

    I can't say I ever had a physical home, I haven't even narrowed it down to a country or city, but to me - for now - home is a virtual place with my children and rest of family.

    As long as they care about me ...

    So, since I can't hang on to a physical one, for me home is a state of mind and with my kitty.

  6. For myself, "home" is a state of mind. After I left my "growing up home" and ventured into the world on my own, every time I looked for an apartment, or eventually purchased a house single or married, the minute I walked inside, I knew it was "home." Then each time when I moved on, I did so with little regret because the next place had already become home in my state of mind. Funny, huh? :-)

  7. Alex, I couldn't agree with you more. Yeah, home is a state of mind where you treasure those whom you love the most.

    Diane, such is human life - where things are constantly changing and so do 'buildings'... but where we take ourselves, there we set up 'home'. Ultimately it is what we make of this home that counts.

  8. to me, home is where you feel comfortable and happy, whether alone or with friends and/or family. For those who live alone, or do not see "eye to eye" with religion, home ends up being just where they pay rent or taxes. Love and compassion make a house into a home. It is, after all, what you make of it. Great points to ponder!

  9. Thank you Marc. I am sorry I saw your message only now. Nonetheless, thank you for your input. I like the elements of home that you mention - 'comfortable and happy'. Definitely the reflection of what home is.