Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Splendor of Your Presence

Christian Clipart: Prayer

When all around me silently
draw curtains close and rest,
and sun to bed at end of day
cast shadows from the west
You pull my soul towards Your heart
You beckon me to come;
and patiently wait for this time
When I can spare some love.

This quality time that we share,
The secrets You reveal –
Make my poor heart soar into space
Beyond my frail belief.
You do not worry how I’ve been
or what mischief I’ve done
as long as at the close of day
repentance I avow.

When day is done and shadows cast
it is that special time.
No matter how much darkness lurks
around me Your light shines.
You take away my worldly stress
and clothe me with Your strength,
make blossoms sprout where fear and doubt
have tried their best to reign.

And now I humbly bow my head
acknowledge You my Lord;
There is no other one like You
who knows me inside out.
Your Spirit hovers o’er my being
my soul in tight embrace
I’m lost in love, one with Your heart
rejoicing in Your grace.

I thank the Lord for the night; when I can reflect on all that my day has been - and enter His presence, no matter how I have been, because I know the Lord embraces me with open arms and tells me that all is at peace.  I thank our Lord for the special prayer time(s) that each of us experience through out the day that gives us comfort of spirit and joy of heart. No matter what situations our lives may run into, I always find the peace I need when I spend time in prayer.  Praise God for prayer time.

I will both lie down and sleep in peace; for You alone, O Lord, make me lie down in safety.  Psalm 4:8


  1. Yes, AMEN and Praises to Our Father for prayer time. It is when the mind rests and the soul soars....I try to make time daily and most days if I really try....I can have a few times throughout the day when I stop this fast-paced lifestyle that we all usually live. That is when I commune with my Master, My Love, My Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning of my day and then beautiful conclusion to it. Thank you Lord for slowing me down. AMEN.
    Lori xoxoxoxo

  2. I love the time I sit in prayer.... it really calms my spirit.