Friday, January 20, 2012

I lift up my hands...

An instrument of worship
I lift up my hands to your name.
Lord make me an instrument
An instrument of worship
I lift up my hands to your name.

I love this hymn...

This hymn focuses on a one aspect of worship; me are the instrument of worship, with my hands lifted up. 
Instrument of worship? 


It is not enough that timbrels and tambourines, drums, guitars, flutes, harps, pianos and other instruments be part of worship expression. I have to be the main part of it.  If my heart is not into worship, all my prayer effort is of now use.  My worship should be pleasing to the Lord's ear...  maybe not in musical form, but my praises should be like sweet sounding music to the Lord's ear.

Today I praise God for creating me to be an instrument of worship.  I pray that with each passing day, my tunes of praises and worship to the Lord may be sweeter and more melodious, for there is nothing like sweet-sounding, beautiful, peaceful praises in the presence of the Lord. And I also pray that the more hurdles there may seem in life, the more I will want to lift up my hands in praise to the Lord. 

Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the LORD. 
(Psalm 134:2)

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