Monday, December 5, 2011

The Blessing of Good Health

Most often we take our lives for granted.  Until.....  of course, when we're hit with come illness, handicap or calamity, and we realize the impact of that blow.  Life doesn't always seem fair.  But neither is our ingratitude for the health we take for granted.

Today I would like to say "Thank you Lord for giving me good health of body, mind and spirit."  I might not always be as healthy or as upbeat as I would want to be, nonetheless, in God's eyes, His grace is sufficient for me.  There is so much that I 'CAN' do regardless of what I CANNOT do.  I can see, smell, taste, hear, sense, walk,and touch, in addition to a host of other activities. What about His graces being new every morning?  There is so much that I take for granted. But for today, I'd like to say 'Thank you Lord for blessing me with good health.  It is good health, because You are part of my life.  Thank you Lord."

“He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” 
(Psalm 107:20)

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  1. Good Morning Amanda, wonderful post!! I love Psalm 107:20; I used to be faced with destruction until my savage love I used to embrace turned my life of trials to a benevolent grace. You are a very gifted writer.

  2. Good morning John... and Praise God! I've realized that no matter what our situation, each day the Word of God has something new to offer us. And its wonderful that He's turned your life into benevolent grace. I can attest the same for my life too. :)

  3. Now, in my case I DID appreciate my health when I had it, although I was born with limitations that progressed in time. The hardest part for me is reconciling the fact that my illnesses are not "punishments." I realize that "it could always be worse," but living by that motto can be challenging as in time ... it does get worse.

    Regardless, I thank God I am still able to manage the way I do. At one time, I could not get up to even eat, so I do live in the small moments now. I also thank God for giving me friends and the tools I need to make it.

  4. I try on a daily basis NOT to take my health for granted. I am so blessed and all of family is as well. Thank you Jesus for our good health.
    I agree with Alexandra Heep above about realizing that it could be worse.....I do know that...and I try to remember that daily as well.
    Again, thank you Mandy for the reminder that good health is such an added blessing. AMEN
    Love, Lori

  5. Good health is a real blessing from the Lord. I have taken it for granted so often. Its not until we are afflicted with some physical pain that we ask - why me? But then, through faith, I can say that this is only the physical part of me. My Spirit lives on through faith. :)