Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Praise God for good sleep.  Human struggles make up one major factor that don't allow many people to sleep. It is this or some major health problem.  There are so many people who sleep for just 2-4 hours a day, not because they do not have the time to sleep, but because they just cannot sleep.  They lie awake for hours during the night, struggling to get a good night's rest.  Only those who suffer from lack of sleep know the difficulties of dealing with sleep problems.

Today I praise God for ALL the times I've had good sleep.  These past few days, I have had so much sleep for many hours that I've made up for all the nights that I slept late due to writing.  Sleep is a beautiful thing; it rejuvenates, repairs, revives and refreshes the body.  Sleep is a gift from God; one that we take for granted.  Praise God for good sleep.  I thank God that He lets me lie down in peace and that he fills my sleep with comfort and peace.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:
Because he trusteth in thee.
(Isaiah 26:3)

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  1. ZZZZzzzz ahhh Sleep..... I have always been blessed with the ability to sleep. Even as a young child, I knew when I was tired and just said goodnight and went to bed. I think it is innate in me to take care of myself this way. My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit and we both need rest. Don't get me wrong....there are times that I have sleep issues. It is usual cyclical and due to either my monthly cycle or High volume stress....and it can feel like insomnia but I think it is just related to those certain times of the month. I have remedies by my bed in case of these times. I use homeopathy. My favorite one is Hyland brand Calms Forte. In addition, I LOVE my Therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil called "Valor". It helps as well as "Peace and Calming". My lastest found sleep inhancer is my BIBLE- it is by my bed and I read and meditate and keep my mind on things of God before bed. With that----you can't go wrong. So, Good Night to All and to All and Good Night. Peace.

  2. Yes! I have terrible sleep problems and that is when you heal, but without sleep - no healing.

    I have slept better lately and I thank God I can stay in bed as long as I want before I start my day, that helps.