Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writing Instruments

My daughter loves to draw.  She scribbles on sheets of paper and tries to draw whatever I draw.  I have to admit that she has a knack for drawing; a real talent.  Apart from drawing, she loves to write little notes, her little love letters for family and friends.  Today she made me a card which said... "Merry Christmas Mama.  I love you."  Apparently I wasn't to look at the card just yet. (Grins).  She didn't warn me early enough not to open the card. So I just have to close it and keep it for Christmas.

As a writer, I can connect with the need to have writing instruments.  During my earlier days it used to be the pens and pencils, but now its the e-world with the use of computers.  Nonetheless, I cannot control my urge to write. Most often we take this for granted; the availability of writing tools.  Just imagine, how would I have been able to write, considering I write a lot.

Today I take the time to thank the Lord for giving me avenues of expression and for the many kinds of writing instruments readily available for my use.  I am grateful that these instruments have helped me along my years of studies, personal development and to build up my talent for writing.  I also thank God for all that I have been able to write using these tools, to better myself, interact with people, and also be a means of moral support to others.  May I be used as such writing instruments to tell the story of God's love and salvation.

"Yahweh said to Moses, "Write you these words: for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel." "
Exodus 34:27

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  1. This is an interesting post, Mandy, the concept of being connected with a need to have writing instruments. We are given talents, perhaps it is our path in life to find ways and means and the tools to express them? The painter's brush, the writer's computer, the child's crayon -and the beautiful post. Well done,Mandy!