Saturday, December 3, 2011

It Doesn't Hurt to be Kind

You know, there are times when we go through a lot of difficulty, and feel that its too much for us to bear. But suddenly, out of the blue, someone comes along to help us out and it really moves us to see that the other person can be 'kind', with no strings attached or expectations of reward. There are people who can be exceedingly kind and likewise teach us too to be kind... not by word alone but also through their actions.  

Today I thank God for all those who are kind to me; all those who feel for me and stand by me when I need the help.  All those who, without hinting or call, are there for me; sensitive to what I might feel, regardless of how important or silly the situation may be.  Praise God for kind people, for they know how to bring out the best in us, and also pull us out of the dump when our spirits are sinking low. 

”An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up”. Proverbs 12:25


  1. AMEN for friends~~~~ They are a true blessing from our Lord. I love each and every friend that I have. I have been pulled out of the dump by some. These friends I believe are Forever Friends. They are the ones that stick by you through thick and through thin. They have stuck by me through misunderstandings and through out and out fights. They were there through my divorce...waiting patiently for me while I hibernated in my home not wanting to go out. When I emerged a new woman like a butterfly after the cocoon---they welcomed me like there was no passage of time.....I Praise God for these friends and I pray to him to create in me, the type of friend that mine need too.

  2. Amen. It's because the Lord knows what we need that He provides His help through friends and through means we can relate to. I praise God for all my friends and all those who have been and are kind to me.

  3. Without friends life would be very lonely. "Kindness" costs us nothing. I wonder why more people don't practice it? Empathy, caring and non-judgmental attitudes make good friends too.

  4. I too often wonder why many find it 'repelling' to be KIND. Somehow they miss the point that things could wok better in their lives too when they put on an attitude of kindness.

  5. I just now saw this. From interacting with many people I have found that those who do not practice kindness see it as a weakness.

    Also, it can weigh you down when you let yourself in to someone's suffering.

    However, I would not trade the ability of feeling compassion for anything!